To Commit Murder

by hyphyskazerbox

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Peck This cat is no joke. Some next- generation sampling wildness. Favorite track: Run.
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From this tunnel vision to another lightless day; to commit murder.

full album, To Commit Murder

some kind words about the album and mostly the third track from my friend over at No Object:

"Those of you with me in May heard Hyphy’s vast ambient electronica LP VOID I. His follow-up album features even fuller production and bigger dynamics… development that should have us all anticipating what he makes next."


released June 10, 2014

all instrumentals produced by and vocals recorded by hyphyskazerbox.
recorded late 2013-early 2014

special thanks to all of my loving family.



all rights reserved


hyphyskazerbox San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Game
i gotta spider in my eye just for you girl
gonna keep me glued
and i creepin on yo wall

i gotta spider in my eye just for you girl
gonna keep me glued
and I know you almost done
Track Name: Surprise!
crust like a oogle
google me i'm like a cougar
i'm only seen I want you to see me not any sooner
i'm not just any crooner
not just a backseat girl spooner
not getting looser like yo girl's scoopin pooper

no apologies for when you're beatin on your knees
get on top of me if you don't want your boy to see
the last time you fucked another g and sucked his d
damn you don't get it blackmail is elementary

i'm posting sentries, no access entry
mindful of backcat allyrats who know holes like it was dentistry
careful kid, you don't know who you're fuckin with
i spit meaner than the fags at westboro baptist

i shoot zingers like it was seinfeld's common practice
i kill winger so you shut the fuck up and get off that kid
i'm tired of dreaming that I sealed his coffin lid
might as well do it since i'm talkin so loud about it

loud like croweded houses filled with scum wearin dirty blouses
i find cum on bodies in the back from men in trousers
filled with pocket change and teeth from children poutin
one main thing to take is kill them before you kill your spouses

from your man hyphy
Track Name: Disposition
well it's over
literal cut throat tactics beehived their shoulders
now i'm behind their shoulders
pushing like boulders
need a place to dump the carnage before the blood gets colder

fuck these coppers just some boppers
bop the time crunch sloppy top croppers
know what to do when adrenaline is crammed
fuck consequence death whipped my ass when i slammed n stopped her

a loss for you, a gain for me
a crutch to crush, your eyes on lease
life between an empty crease
feel those bad kids on the street
bad kids in the side street lane
my mind has risen above your space
i see all from birds eye view
drag these burdens off the roof

i'm off the roof rocker
sleep none, single talker
i'm new here, what's the password
m-u-r-d-e, you know what's after

are you ready for the drop?

i'm ascension minded
in a pension blinded country
filled with
7/11 petty crime filled cunts, see
rolling fat blunts to knock off the petty runt
eventually crammed into tax starved wells they call jail

but what i want to know is who's paying bail for the little guy
the little guy who didn't light up, rob convenient stores or lie
the little guy like me, one who cut their problems with a knife
the little guy who took a life but didn't brag about it on skype

the little guy who knows around a corner
around a corner they got me like some hoarder
hop the border hop the border
hop it whore hop it
too slow, like a chore

slow the fuck down for a sec

i'm alive
Track Name: Baby Steps
jungle like, entangled
mind afloat the river

stand tall

stand tall like those who've walked before you
don't let your eyes face south
there's light at the end
there's light at the end
the fights at it's end

i'll stay strong and well
Track Name: Alcohol Poisoning
you don't push off, at first you clip
you start to fall, at first it hurts
and soon you cry, but that goes fast
and then you float to that special place

i always knew you were weak and i morn you
i dont need to speak, your body says it all
your body said it all the night we died together
the night I pushed the pillow down and we cried together

late at night i think about us
a decision lost, a decision made
i sunk at first, but now i know
you were wrong, and i was right

i always knew you were weak but i morn you
i don't need to speak, your body said it all
your body says it all the night we died together
night i pushed the pillow down and we cried together
Track Name: Lover (Realised Part 1)
when you started out with me
i knew you were different
i used to beg you "please,
just forget
his old face
so we can be happy."
had me down my knees
wrapped around your fingers
knowing you could be mine
knowing you were fine with that
knowing you were fine with that
knowing you could die with that

until the day we kissed and
and all the blissful accusations
of who's fault it is

until we reminisced
about the blissful accusations
now that the fog was lift

that's when i realized how much we had grown
how we had shown the odds that we could be on our own
now when i see your face in every puddled stone
i know we have a shot at what happy couples stop at
Track Name: Lost (Realised Part 2)
feel the wind against my back
know it's here to take me home
know we're here to make me whole
know we're here to make my home
in the grass by the riverbed
lay me down where i have wept

so we're here
i've heard it through the sky
i've played it through
and I know we've got to die
so we're here
under the moonlit ocean
of stars and flies
beautiful, your eyes

feel this wind
against an endless forest
this home must die
we won't survive
feel my hand
against your gentle cheek
this is the last time
we'll ever speak
Track Name: Single File (Realised Part 3)
single file
single file

tell me
how i feel

single file
wait in line

catch me
and i'll feel

wait in line
wait by me

i'm alone